What we do...

Our services range from Management and Artist Development to Audio and Video production
as well as Co-Writing. Please browse our site to help familiarize yourself with the depth of our


Our Team

In an age of digital workflow and an infinite supply of content, New Industry challenges
themselves to innovate not only the product, but the entertainment industry itself. With an
infrastructure unmatched, there are no limits. The expectations are extraordinary and bold.

The team consists of five well driven and unique individuals…


Mason Oechsner - Creative Director

Explore a mind unlike any you’ve ever experienced. The effortless flow of ideas and thought-provoking concepts is only the tip of the ice berg. There is simply no out of bounds for this creative and exceptional human being. Whether it be screen play writing or musical composition, you can lie confident that the job will profoundly surpass what one could think up themselves.


Peter Doucette – Video/Visual Producer

There are times where you find yourself up against a wall, challenged by a lack of resources and imagination. However, this is no barrier for our outside-of-the-box thinking video master. There is always a shot composition that will capture exactly what is needed, regardless of the budget. Stationed behind a camera or inside the post production studio, there is no telling what these eyes will conceive.

Isaiahs The Engineer copy.jpg

Isaiah Leavitt - 


Audio Producer

Extreme efficiency is certainly important within any studio process, and that is exactly what you are going to get with this highly motivated work horse. Your final product will be accentuated with a timeless aesthetic, and after hearing the shear bliss of this individual’s producing skills, you’d think he had eight ears. From start to finish, you will have yourself a seamless sound that you just cannot escape.


Lukas Magyar - CEO

The pulse of New Industry throbs within these veins. After six years of methodical and meticulous planning, here it is. A finely tuned element that is prepared to thrive.

Keith 3.jpg

Keith Grey- President

There is simply no telling where the drive ends when it comes to the enterprise of this machine. The wisdom and encouragement exceeds that of any who would consider themselves distinguished. There is no task too great, or too small. All paths lead to success.